lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Nueva versión de emulador: FB Alpha

Ya tenemos una nueva versión disponible de este emulador multiarcade para Windows.

Las novedades que trae son las siguientes:

  • Added two clones of Arkanoid to the Arkanoid driver[Barry, f205v]
  • Added Gigaman 2 to the CPS-2 driver, adding ability to disable Q-Sound in the CPS-2 drivers [Barry]
  • Added Phoenix clone of Street Fighter Alpha to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc]
  • Added Phoenix clone of Super Street Fighter II Turbo to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc]
  • Added bootleg of Dragon Ninja to the DEC-0 driver [Barry, f205v]
  • Added bootleg of Cobra Command to the DEC-8 driver [Barry, f205v]
  • Added clone of Driving Force to the Galaxian driver [Barry, Team Europe]
  • Added clone of Moon Cresta to the Galaxian driver [JacKc, Andy Welburn]
  • Added clone of F-X to the Kyugo driver [Barry, f205v]
  • Added Oxygene's NeoGeo 3D! demo to the Neo Geo driver [Barry]
  • Added clone of Guardian Storm to the NMK16 driver [JacKc, B. Ståhl, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
  • Added clone of Knights of Valour 2 to the PGM driver [JacKc, XingXing]
  • Added clones of Flicky (alt graphics roms for 128k sets) to the Sega System 1 driver [Barry, f205v]
  • Improvements to Street Fighter 2: Magic Delta Turbo which now works correctly [Barry]
  • Fixed missing sounds in games based on Final Crash or Street Fighter 2: Magic Delta Turbo sound [Barry]
  • Added support for missing priority mode writes in knightsb, knightsb4, the punipic sets, and wofb [Barry]
  • Changed knights and knightsb4 to get the sprite mask values from work RAM [Barry]
  • Changed the Daimakai bootleg to use the bootleg Sprite RAM it writes, and get the sprite priority masks from work RAM [Barry]
  • Changed the punipic sets to get the scroll layer RAM offsets and sprite priority masks from work RAM [Barry]
  • Changed wofb, and other wof sets that don't write the registers to get the sprite priority masks from work RAM [Barry]
  • Hooked up the EEPROM in the dino, punipic and wof bootleg sets that don't read dip switches [Barry]
  • Updated the EPOS driver, adding sound for Dealer and implementing the watchdog [iq_132]
  • Tidied the Phoenix sets in the CPS-2 driver [Barry, based on info from Pythagoras]
  • Fixed some unicode titles [JacKc, XingXing]
  • Added Hyllian's Data Dependent Triangulation 3X to the softFX blitters [Hyllian, msbhvn]
  • Optimised the xBR filters [Hyllian, Barry]
  • Sync some sets and titles with latest MAME SVN [JacKc]

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